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Real Treat™ is based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. Here the crisp mountain air, clean glacial water, and stunning views make for a pretty fab spot to make just about anything.

So, why cookies?

I love cookies. More than any other sweet treat, I love cookies, and have been making them since I could reach a counter-top standing on phone books. My belief that cookies are the perfect treat is unwavering. Cookies can satisfy a small craving for a treat on-the-go, or be made into a complete dessert experience. Cookies are perfect. Real Treat™ was founded out of this love for cookies and an equal devotion to flavourful food made with clean ingredients.

You might be thinking, “Clean?! But, sugar. But, butter. I thought ‘clean food’ was supposed to be made without those things.” While I would argue that definition of “clean food” is debatable, that’s not what I mean. What I mean by “clean” is food that is free of toxic pesticides and herbicides that are killing bees, ruining soil, adversely impacting the health of farm workers, and hurting our health too. By using only certified organic ingredients we are assured our cookies are free of the worst of the chemicals used in some conventional (this word is such an oxymoron… don’t get me started) farming practices. Furthermore, our organic certification tells you we aren’t adding any nasty stuff to those beautiful ingredients. Heck, it even guarantees we aren’t cleaning the floors of our kitchen with toxic chemicals!

So, clean food is important to me. But as I said, so is flavour. If I’m going to have a treat I want it to be worth it! I want to be hit over the palate with “Yum!” Organic packaged food has for too long languished in the land of “consolation prize” food. Know what I mean? Ever tried those cookies made with spelt and (bird)seeds and carob chips? But they’re organic! But nothing. At best they don’t qualify as a treat, and at the worst they’re inedible.  I like kale a lot, and I like it best in my juice or salad. Kindly, keep it out of my cookie.

So that’s why cookies, and why organic, and now you know why we named this enterprise Real Treat™. A swoon-worthy “real treat” of a cookie, made with only real food. No consolation prizes, we promise.

Enjoy! Jacks.png